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            How do I get paid with DoJiggy Payments?

            You would like to know how to get paid and add your bank account to your DoJiggy Payments account.

            Withdrawing your available funds to your bank account will happen automatically. As soon as you’ve connected your bank account (see below), WePay will verify the information and start the withdrawal process the next business day if your withdrawal frequency is set to daily. Your withdrawal frequency can be changed to weekly or monthly, in which case the process will start on the upcoming Monday or 1st of the month (if a business day).

            Setting up your bank account only takes a few minutes. After you accept the first payment on your website, you will be notified by email to add a bank account to WePay. This email comes from WePay with the subject: Payment confirmation. Click the link in the email to be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to provide information as required by law to verify your identity as well as your bank account information. 
            NOTE: The Organization Name created in the WePay account must match the TIN on file with the IRS.

            Updated: 28 Dec 2018 01:12 AM
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