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            How do I register additional individuals/groups included in sponsorships?

            You wish to register sponsorships with more individuals or groups than the system allows at the time of purchase.

            The system is limited to registration of one team or the same number of individual registrations, as part of a sponsorship package. This is done with the assumption that sponsors will generally not have all the details for more than one team at the time of sponsorship purchase. Therefore, the system will not prompt for more information at this time. Options for registering additional sponsorship teams include:
            1. You can provide the Sponsor with promotion codes so they can register the group or individuals at no cost.
            2. Add the individuals or groups yourself, as data becomes available. First you will need to add each individual from People -> Participants. You can add them here directly, as there is no financial data entry required at this point. Once the participants are added, you can group them under People -> Groups.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:27 AM
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