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            How do I run a test credit card transaction?

            You would like to test your payment processor to make sure it is integrated correctly. You want to run a test registration or make a test donation before going live with your website. If you are using DoJiggy Payments by WePay, please read this testing FAQ.

            Below are two unique testing scenarios for your website. Each works in a different situation, so please review to see which best fits your needs. Generally, there are two reasons that you will want to run a test order before opening your event registration to the public.
            1. To confirm that integrated payment processing is working
            2. To confirm that you are receiving email confirmations


            Use the integrated Virtual Terminal from your Admin area to test that your payment processor is correctly configured. Go to Tools -> Virtual Terminal and use the form to test a credit card in either Test Mode or Live Mode. Note when Live Mode is selected, your credit card will be charged for the transaction if the payment processor is configured correctly. The best test is to do a small transaction in Live Mode.

            The Virtual Terminal will not appear and cannot be used with PayPal. 


            A good test to ensure that both your payment processor and email confirmations are correctly configured and functioning is to complete a Test Registration or Donation from your public website. If you wish to check that your credit card processing works, please run a real credit card, for a real amount.

            If you are requesting donations on your site, you can run a $1 donation (or $3 with WePay). Otherwise, you can temporarily change the price of registration or a product to $1.00, run the card, and change it back immediately.

            To add a Donation Request to Golf and Events sites, go to Products -> Donation Request. For Pledge events, you can use the General Donation fundraising page.

            After you have run your test order, look under Reports -> Orders, and you should see a completed order there.  Additionally, log into your payment processor's virtual terminal or PayPal account to note the transaction there.  Then be sure to follow your money all the way to your bank account. This will take a couple of days, depending on your payment processor.

            If you wish to check your email confirmations, you do not need to run a credit card. You may process a registration with payment by check.  

            After you have confirmed that the test order went through, you can delete it (if you wish) from Reports -> Orders by clicking on the order and scrolling to the very bottom. Please note that this operation will not cause a refund to your credit card. If you wish to refund your credit card, please do so directly in your payment processor's virtual terminal or PayPal account. More information on refunds is here.
            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 05:11 AM
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