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            How do I send an email to all of the donors who made donations or pledges?

            You wish to send a thank you email to all donors.

            To send a thank you email to all donors, please follow these instructions:
            1. Go to Email -> Compose.
            2. In the "To" field, choose "Donors" from the dropdown list
            3. Next, enter your message and hit the 'Preview' button to review the message.
            You can send a test email by entering your email in the Send Test box.  The test email will be populated with information from the first Donor record found in the database.  If all looks good, click the Send button in the bottom right to send the email to all participants.

            Participants also have the option to send a thank you email to their donors by logging into their Pledge Control Panel -> Donations -> Email Thank You.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 07:04 AM
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