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            How do I show the top fundraisers & total amount raised on my Pledge website?

            You wish to show the top fundraisers (or a leaderboard) and total amount raised on your website.

            To show current top fundraisers (by individuals & teams), total amount raised, and a thermometer that shows your total amount raised against your event goal, please follow these steps:
            1. Go to Website -> Pages.
            2. Click Actions, Edit on the page where you wish to display the data.
            3. Scroll down to the Page Body area and insert your cursor where you'd like the information to be displayed. You will see an S icon in a red box in the upper left hand corner of the editor icons area (next to Source). Click on this icon for a description of available website snippets.
            4. Find the snippet you wish to insert and click on the title of the snippet. A corresponding icon will appear in your page editor. Snippets you may wish to use include: Overall Goal Thermometer, Top Fundraisers and Fundraising Teams (you may select 5, 10 or a number that you define for the top fundraising individuals and teams), and Total Raised.

            Save your edits and view your website page to see the snippet render on your website. The snippet will show your real-time top fundraisers, teams, total raised and/or overall goal status. These values will be automatically updated by the system as donations are made.

            Updated: 29 Jul 2019 07:14 AM
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