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            How do we define estimated units for a crowdfunding participant?

            When accepting per unit of effort pledges, pledges are calculated based on the estimated units for a participant. Administrators start by defining the Average Units per Participant. Participants can then specify their personal estimates (i.e. laps, miles, strikeouts, books). 

            You can define the Average Units per Participant for all participants under Pledge -> Settings. 

            Participants then have the ability to change this from their Participant Control Panel on the Personal Settings screen. Here they can update the field 'Units Estimated'. If an administrator wants to update the estimated units for a particular participant, this can be accessed from People -> Participants -> Click on the participant and you will see the button to their 'Fundraising Page'

            The number of units entered here will be used to calculate per unit of effort pledges
            Updated: 24 Sep 2019 01:22 AM
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