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            * How do I upload an image on my webpage?

            You would like to include a photo or image on your webpage.

            Please follow the instructions below to upload an image to your webpage.
            1. From   Website -> Pages , click on the page where you wish to add an image. If the page is grayed out here (ie the registration page), you cannot add an image to the page.
            2. Scroll to the page editor and place your cursor in the location where you wish to see the image.
            3. Click on the image tool icon. This will open the Image Properties box.
            4. Click   Browse Server.
            5. Click on   + Upload   and search your computer for the file you wish to use.  
              Once you find it, click on it and select   Open . This will upload the image to the server.
            6. Double click   on the image to add it to the desired page. You should see your photo in the editor now. 
            7. Click Update to save your changes on the page.  When you refresh your public webpage, you will see your new photo.

            Image Basics to Review

            1. File Size.   Make sure all images are appropriately sized. Think about the page layout, and the position in which you want to see the image. The average web page is about 800 pixels wide, so this is the maximum width you can use.  
            2. File Name . Do not use any spaces or special characters in image file names. Use only alphanumeric characters (A-Z or 1-9) and underscores (_). Using spaces or other characters in the filename may cause the image upload, preview or insert operations to fail.  
            3. Format.   The image manager supports   JPEG, TIF, BITMAP, GIF, and PNG images, as well as   PDF document uploads .

            Updated: 08 Apr 2019 03:52 AM
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