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            How do I write a standardized email thanking donors (in the Pledge edition)?

            When a person makes a donation or pledge to an individual or team, the participant receiving the donation may send a thank you email to the donor via their Participant Control Panel. You wish to customize the default message provided to participants, so that the message includes an adequate thank you (meaning that they know that their contribution is both tax-deductible AND appreciated). You also don't want to have the team members worry about crafting a message.

            You do not need to log into each participant account to customize the email thank you to donors when they make a donation or pledge. You can create an administrative "Email Thank you to Donors" by following these directions:

            Please go to Email -> Templates.
            1. Select from the pull down list the message type you wish to customize (Donor Thank You) and hit the 'Add' button.
            2. Update your message as you wish, making sure that you do NOT alter any of the macros, i.e. {{s:donorFirstName}}. Changing the macros will cause your messages to contain wrong or incomplete data!
            3. Once you have finished, hit Update to save your changes.

            If participants would like to change this message, they can log into their account, and edit it from their own Participant Control Panel-> Donations -> Email Thanks (button at the bottom of Donations list). 

            NOTE: this email is not sent out automatically, rather the participant must select which donors to email by checking the boxes by the donors' names from their Participant Control Panel -> Donations and then clicking the Donor Thanks button at the bottom of the page. The Participant will have the chance to customize the message further before sending. 

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 07:05 AM
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