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            * How do my participants set up and customize their fundraising page?

            You want to know how your Pledge fundraising participants can set up and customize their fundraising pages.

            When your Pledge participants register on your website, a personal fundraising page will be auto-generated for them. It is important that administrators create a nice default fundraising page.

            The personal fundraising page includes: a personal fundraising goal (which must be equal to or greater than the Participant Goal set by the system administrator at Pledge -> Settings), a personal statement, and up to 4 videos or images in any combination. Your participants will have the ability to edit their page to include personalized information in these areas. 

            If the participant wishes to edit their personal fundraising page, they will need to access their Participant Control Panel. This can be done by clicking the Login link in the upper right corner of your public website, and using their username and password created at the time of registration. Upon registration, if the participant continues to follow the links, they will be led to this area automatically.

            Administrators can also access the Participant Control Panel of a participant, from People -> Participants -> Action, Login for the participant in question.

            Control Panel Instructions:
            1. Log-in to the Participant Control Panel, using your username and password.
            2. The Control Panel will open to Personal Settings-> My Page ->Settings.
            3. In this area, you can edit your Personal Weblink, Fundraising Goal, and Estimated unit of effort (miles, etc.). A personal statement, pictures and videos can all be added here using the appropriate links.
            4. Make sure to click Save after each round of edits. You will receive the message 'Personal Website updated successfully!'

            Additional resources for Participants, including detailed instructions, are available through our Facebook Participant Fundraising Library. These tools include detailed User Guides for your participants, fundraising ideas and tips, sample letters, video tutorials, and more.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 05:54 AM
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