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            How do participants manage their team status in the Pledge edition?

            Participants can be assigned one of the following statuses: Individual, Team Member or Team Lead/Captain. You or a participant may wish to change their status during your Pledge event.  

            Participants can change their event status by following the appropriate option below. The administrator may do this for a participant, by logging into the Participant Control Panel from   People -> Participants -> Actions, Login . From the   Participant Control Panel , follow these instructions:  

            1. Look for the participant's name in the upper right hand corner. Put your cursor over the name and a menu should appear. Click on ' Group Management '  

            2. On the next screen, the Participant Status will be listed.

            TO JOIN A TEAM

            If the participant is registered as an Individual and they want to Join a Team:
            • Click the link that says 'Join a Team'.
            • On the next page select the team that you want to Join from the dropdown menu and click Join.5. Now the Participant Status should show that they are on that team.


            The participant is already on a team and wants to change his/her status to individual not associated with a team:
            • The Participant Status will list the Team the participant is on and a link that says 'Remove me from the team'. Click the link.
            • A box will appear saying 'You have requested to be removed from the team. Are you sure?'. Click Yes.
            NOTE : If the participant registered as the Team Captain, the Team Name will be displayed in a table showing the number of participants on the team. Click the Team Name link. On the next page select the link that says 'Remove me as captain'. A box will display saying "Are you sure you want to remove the captain?", select Yes.

            CREATE A NEW TEAM 

            If the administrator has enabled the option for participants to create teams, they may create a new team from their participant control panel following these instructions.
            • If the participant is registered as an individual and wants to create a team, select the link 'Create a Team'.
            • In the next screen, type in the name of the new Team, and select 'Save'.
            • Now the participant will be the Team Captain of the new team. They can manage their team fundraising page and invite others to join their team.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 07:06 AM
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