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            How do returning participants re-register for my Pledge event?

            You are using a Pledge (Crowdfunding) subscription and would like to know how to have your returning participants re-register for this year's event. 

            You must first configure your website for re-registration. Participants should then follow the steps below to re-register and access their fundraising page. Please provide these instructions to your participants.
            1. From your organization's website, Login (via the link in the upper right corner). You must enter the login information (username/password) used in last year's event.
            2. Upon login, you will see: "Returning from last year? Click on Register/signup on the main menu to continue."
            3. Goto the registration page. For free registrations, information will be auto-filled. For paid registrations, select your registration fee and continue until you see: Returning from last year? Click here! This action will populate last year's information, including the weblink.
            4. Follow the registration process to Check Out.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 07:06 AM
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