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            How does a participant join a team if she/he has already created an individual profile?

            A participant who has created an individual profile now wishes to join a team.

            1. Make sure teams are allowed. Confirm that the "Team Enabled" field is set to YES in Pledge -> Settings.
            2. Have participants login to their Participant Control Panel.
            3. Once logged in, look for the participant's name in the upper right hand corner. Put your cursor over the name and a menu should appear. Click on 'Group Management'
            4. On the next screen the Participant Status will be displayed as Individual with a link to 'Join a Team'. Click the link.
            5. On the next page select the team that you want to Join from the dropdown menu and click Join.
            6. Hit the confirm link and done!

            NOTE: The option to Join a Team will not be displayed until there is at least one team created in the system. 

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 07:07 AM
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