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            How does DoJiggy prevent email bounces?

            You wish to know how DoJiggy prevents email from bouncing.

            We follow all accepted best practices to help insure all mail sent from our system is delivered to your intended recipients.

            These practices include the following:
            1. Actively making sure our email server is not blacklisted in 101 spam databases. 
              All mail we send is from our primary server 
            2. Making sure our DNS records comply with Sender Policy Framework. 
            3. Labeling our email FROM:, to insure we are not seen as sending 'forged' emails, by making them from the user themselves.

            If you are having problems with bounced emails, you will need to check with the postmaster at the server that is bouncing the email.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:54 AM
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