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            How to configure for DoJiggy Engage


            You would like to know how to set up Payment Processing using for you DoJiggy Engage WordPress website.


            The following settings are required in order for you to submit transactions via an internet connection between your website and the payment gateway - API Login ID , Transaction Key , API Signature Key .

            Obtain the Keys

            1. Login to your virtual terminal at
            2. Generate the Keys.
              • From the main menu, go to Account , then click on the Settings link.  This will take you to the account Settings page.
              • From this page, locate the Security Settings section, then click on the API Credentials & Keys link.  Follow the instructions there. 
              • Make a record of the Login ID , Transaction key and the Signature key and store in a safe place.  You will need these values for your website(s).

            Configure Website

            You have two options for configuring your settings; please select one of them below:

            Ask Support to Configure

            If you would like us to add the credentials, send an email to  with the following information.
            1. Subject: CIM API Key Install Request
            2. API Login ID
            3. Transaction Key
            4. API Signature Key
            5. Your website URL

            Configure it Yourself

            1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
            2. Go to WooCommerce->Settings then click the Payments tab
            3. Under Method, click the Authorize.Net CIM – Credit Card option

            Credit Card Settings

            • Enable / Disable  –  Select Enable this gateway -  This will enable the gateway to be used by customers to checkout.
            • Title – This is the text shown for the payment during checkout and on the Order Received page.
            • Description – This is the text shown under the title during checkout. Limited HTML is allowed. If you enable test mode, this section will also display a notice along with test credit card numbers.
            • Card Verification (CSC) Optional - Enable this to require customers to enter their CVV / CV2 (Card Security Code) when checking out. This can be useful if you have requirements in your Authorize.Net account for CV2 verification.
            • Transaction Type Select “Charge” - This controls how transactions are submitted to Authorize.Net. 
            • Accepted Cards – This controls the card logos that display during checkout. This is purely cosmetic and has no affect on the cards actually accepted by your merchant account.
            • Tokenization Select/Enable - this to allow customers to save their payment methods for future use at checkout. This must be enabled if you use Subscriptions or Pre-Orders.
            • Detailed Decline Messages –  Optional  - Enable to display detailed messages to customers to provide reasoning for declines when possible instead of a generic error message.
            • Debug Mode Set to "OFF" - please do not enable this unless you are having issues with the plugin, then notify us immediately.
            • Environment Set to “Production”

            Connection Settings

            Enter the credentials created above.
            • API Login ID – This is the API Login ID for your Authorize.Net account. Follow the steps above to get this.
            • API Transaction Key – This is the API Transaction Key for your Authorize.Net account. Follow the steps above to get this.
            • API Signature Key – This is the API Signature Key for your Authorize.Net account, and is only required to enable webhooks for Authorize.Net account updates. Follow the steps above to get this.
            • Accept.js – Do not enable, leave the check box empty.

            Updated: 06 Aug 2019 02:55 AM
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