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            In PayPal, how can we identify payments coming from DoJiggy?

            You are using PayPal as your payment processor and wish to identify DoJiggy payments made via PayPal. How can you determine the orders that came in via your DoJiggy website, if you are using PayPal for other functions?

            We send PayPal a field called 'Custom', which can be viewed in the PayPal merchant transaction detail on the PayPal admin site. This 'Custom' field contains a number in the form of xxx-yyyy. The xxx part will refer to the DoJiggy order number. This is the order found at Reports -> Orders of your administration area.

            Each DoJiggy order has a PayPal transaction code in the payment details. You will see this in the Payment History area of the order detail screen from Reports -> Orders, by viewing the order in question.
            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 06:44 AM
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