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            Listing of System Reports

            What reports does the Administration area include?

            The Reports Menu is very useful in evaluating your event and provides you with a valuable database for your next fundraiser. These reports are auto-generated as orders are made on your website.

            1. The Orders Report contains a detail of each financial transaction that occurs through your system, including: pledges, registrations (if there is a charge for your participants), sponsorship and product sales. Here you can edit or delete orders. You may also filter the report to show the Complete, Incomplete, Canceled, Refunded, and Pending orders.

            2. The Sales Summary Report will give you an overview of all orders in the system. Here you can see the totals for pledges, registrations, sponsorships, and products sold.

            NOTE: The Sales Summary Report DOES NOT show orders with IncompleteDeclined or Complementary/No Charge status.

            3. In the Sales Detail Report you can see each product that was purchased on your website with order details. Custom questions are reported here as well. Simply click on the item to see a listing of each participant who purchased the item.

            4. The Registration Report shows each participant and any additional products purchased or included product details. Custom questions and hole assignments (for Golf Pro subscriptions) are reported here in the Download report. This is the best report for event check-in and the PDF format includes an area for confirming attendance.

            5. The Payment Details Report is an alphabetical listing of all payments received. This report may be used for reconciling payments and completing manual payments.

            6. The Groups Report lists each participant under their group or team. You can see the number of members on a team and the participant status (participant or captain.) The starting time and starting hole of each team is listed for golf events, for easy on-site registration.

            7. The Sponsors Report alphabetically lists each sponsor with their package level. More Sponsor details are stored under Sponsors -> All.

            8. The Volunteer Report lists your volunteers with their email, phone and skills or areas of interest.

            For Pledge events, there are also several special reports as detailed in this article.

            Reports are available for printing and downloading, by hitting the appropriate icon in the top left hand corner of the report. We recommend that you download reports after your event, for your records. 

            Updated: 10 Apr 2019 06:39 AM
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