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            You wish to provide additional information to your registrants on the registration pages and receipt.

            You can use Order Notes to communicate instructions to your registrants. Some notes only work for the Registration & Product Sales and Registration Fees page and will not display on the No Cost Pledge Participant Registration page.

             The following order notes are found in Website -> Notes.

            ORDER NOTES

            1. General Order Note: Appears at the top of the Registration & Product Sales and Registration Fees page (on Step 1 & Step 2 of registration), and provides special instructions/notes for your constituents during registration such as notice of additional fees, taxes or special information that is required during registration. This note can be used in many ways and is the most commonly used order note.
            2. Credit Card Order Note: Used to provide special instructions for those that wish to pay by credit card and is located on the credit card entry page, the order receipt and on the order confirmation email.
            3. Check Order Note: Used on the check confirmation page, the order receipt and on the order confirmation email. It provides special instructions for those that wish to pay by check.
            4. Confirmation Message:  This note appears on the final confirmation page AND in the confirmation email. It provides an opportunity to customize messages found on confirmations, such as a last minute reminder, a sponsor thank you, or participant thank you from the event chairperson.
            5. Order Note Instructions: This appears on the 2nd registration page, above the general comment box.  This may be used to ask for additional information or invite additional instructions from your participants; for example, to ask participants to communicate special needs, or solicit information not currently included in the registration fields.
            6. Registration Closed Note: This note appears on the Registration Page when registration is not open.  This can be used to direct participants to return once registration has been opened (pre-event) or to provide additional information, for example, how to obtain information about next year's event or how to be placed on a waiting list. This note does not appear while participants may register for your event.

            There are also four of these Order Notes available from Tools -> Global Settings. The Global Settings Order Notes are commonly used for organizations that have more than one subscription in their administration area. When an order note is used here, it is applied to all subscriptions in the account.

            Updated: 14 Dec 2018 07:08 AM
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