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            Paypal IPN Messages Not Being Received

            You have configured PayPal IPNs as described in this article, but after running a test transaction you still are not getting IPN messages. The transaction remains marked as Pending or Incomplete in your Detailed Order Report after successfully completing the payment in PayPal. Also, you have more than one userid/email address registered with PayPal for your account.

            The PayPal ID that is specified in the Tools -> Payment Settings configuration screen must be the PRIMARY PayPal userid for the PayPal account. If you specify a secondary userid (which PayPal allows you to create) in the Tools -> Payment Settings area, the payment will go through from the PayPal side, but the IPN returned will reference the PRIMARY userid. This userid will not not match the records in the DoJiggy database, because you have recorded the secondary userid. Therefore, the IPN message cannot be matched with the original transaction and IPN updates will fail.

            Change the PayPal ID to use the primary userid only and test again.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 06:47 AM
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