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            Private domains/Domain masking problem/$0.00 or session order problem

            You are receiving orders with zero totals, cannot order, or get session/cookies errors. You are using a private/alternate domain, or are using frames, and accessing the site via frames.

            Please review the following solutions to determine what is causing the problem.

            SOLUTION 1: Private Domain Usage

            The private domain name you are using is improperly setup at the registrar and is using domain masking, rather than simple domain forwarding. Domain masking makes the user think they are at the private domain address, rather than the actual service address. This causes the order information to be lost.

            NOTE: A private domain name is a dedicated domain name, separate from the hostname you registered with us, and is managed by you at your domain name registrar. The actual service address is the hostname/domain combination you selected when you registered with us.
            1. Change your domain settings at the registrar to use simple domain forwarding, not domain masking, which allows the user to stay on the private domain name. When you enter the private domain name, it must redirect to the the actual service address, and stay there.
            2. Use the actual service address instead of the the private domain name.

            Please review the private domain name FAQ article, which describes the correct way to setup private domain names. There is a method that will allow you to stay on the private domain, but it requires a more technical DNS setup. 

            SOLUTION 2: Frames Usage

            The use of frames is NOT a supported way to link to the registration website, because it masks the real service address, and causes the browser to loose session data. Do NOT use the site within frames; you must launch a new window, or stay in the same browser window with no frames.

            SOLUTION 3: Frames Detected

            The domain forwarding method you have configured is called domain masking, which uses invisible frames to forward the domain. These frames interfere with the normal function of the site. Our code has detected the condition, and is warning you that it should be fixed.

            Updated: 14 Dec 2018 03:36 AM
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