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            * Requesting a Payment for PayPal Pending & Declined Credit Card Orders

            You have PayPal Pending or Incomplete, Declined credit card orders and wish to request payment.

            Declined credit card transactions and PayPal Pending orders are not likely to complete without follow-up on your part. PayPal pending status means that while a user created an order (registration, donation, etc) on your website, when they were directed to PayPal they did not complete the payment. (NOTE: This assumes that your IPNs are correctly configured.) There is a widget in your dashboard which shows PayPal pending orders. 

            The system will now send an auto-generated email notification to your constituents that have a Declined or PayPal pending order, 30 minutes after the order is created. When users do not complete a payment, this email will include a Payment Retry link that allows them to complete the order. If they complete the order, the order status will change from PayPal Pending or Incomplete to Complete (in your admin area - Reports -> Orders).

            Here is what you can do to request payment on Declined Credit Card or PayPal Pending orders:

            You can send the user a Payment Retry link by email, so that they can complete the payment. To get the Payment Retry link, click on Reports -> Orders. Then for the order you are interested in, click View.

            If the order is Pending or Incomplete, there is an Email Payment Retry... button at the top of the page. This button will allow you to provide a link for users that have not properly completed a pending credit card or PayPal order. By clicking on this link, they will be directed to retry the payment.

            When is the Email Payment Retry button present?

            Payment retry is only present when the order is PayPal Pending/User Left Site or Incomplete. It is NOT present with the status is 'Pending'. Pending status is a valid PayPal status, and indicates PayPal is waiting for funds to be transferred, or for you to accept the the payment. Check your merchant profile if you have any questions on Pending status.

            DELETING ORDERS 
            Sometimes, users enter duplicate transactions attempting to get a completed order (especially with PayPal). Duplicate orders should be deleted.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 06:39 AM
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