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            * Restarting from Last Year's Event

            You used DoJiggy last year, and you are gearing up for this year's event. You wish to re-purpose your website for this year's event and are wondering the simplest way to do so.

            We do not delete any of your data. When you 
            renew your service, your data will be just as you left it last year. Restarting from last year's event is easy if you follow the directions below.

            When restarting your event, you have two options, you can either Clone the event or you can Clear all the data from the current event.

            A) Cloning your previous event with all data intact
            B) Saving & clearing data - then working over top of last year's event


            Event cloning allows administrators to clone their existing event into a new, duplicate copy. Cloning allows you to keep last year's website pages and all data as an archive. You can then easily modify the new event, while maintaining historical access to the old one. Your event participants and orders will not be cloned, as you will not want those in the system for this year.

            We recommend this solution, so that you can archive your data.

            To clone your event, go to  Events -> Settings  and click on  Clone This Event . Create a new event name and subhost (ie add the year here). You can then access last year's data from  Events ->Overview , Show Inactive  Events button.
            NOTE: If you are are a returning   DoJiggy Payments by WePay   client, you will need to create a new   Payment Account   by going to   Tools->Payment Settings   and click the link " Please click here to Create Payment Account ."  For further information, please see this   Help FAQ .
            There is a full list of exactly what is cloned and instructions for cloning in this  cloning FAQ .



            1. From  Events -> Settings , change the  Start Date/Time . This is the new date of your event. Make sure all dates and prices found here are valid. You may wish to set the  Registration Start Date  to a future date, since you will not want to take registrations yet. However, setting this to the future will disable the registration page until that date. Hit the  Update  button when your Settings are updated.
            2. Check to see if you still have Participant data under  People - > Participants . This will be last year's participant data.  Click the  Download  button to save last year's participant information in either PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, or Print. Downloading reports often provides more information than you will see on your screen (ie the Participant Report provides full participant data such as phone, address, email, etc.). This step will download your data to be used for future reference.
              NOTE : You may want to inform last years participants about this years event.  To send them an email, click Email -> Compose.  Select Participants (or Sponsors) in the To: field, add your subject and your message. This will send a message to all of the registered Participants or Sponsors from last year.
            3. Download  any  Order  data you want to archive from the  Reports -> Orders  menu by clicking the  Download  button and saving the report.
            4. Once you are sure that you have stored all relevant data, you can  clear your data  from  Tools -> Clear System Data . Check the data you want to clear. You will want to clear the  Participant  data and  Order  data, and may choose to clear the  Sponsor  and other data as well. This will delete all checked data permanently, so make sure you have the downloads you need from step 3.
            5. Update all  website pages  from  Website -> Pages  - make sure all content is up to date and current.
            6. Open registration with the  Registration Start Date  at  Events -> Settings  and test your payment processor. Even though you used the same processor last year, be sure to run a  test registration  before going live.

            Updated: 11 Jul 2019 06:34 AM
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