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            Step 2: Configuring Your Account Profile

            You wish to verify or modify information associated with your account, including your account username and password. 

            The Account Profile should reflect your organization's data as you wish to present it on your website and email confirmations.  Account Profiles are broken into two parts, the Primary Administrator or 
            My Profile, and the Organization Profile.  These profiles can be accessed through the Account link In the upper right corner of the Dashboard.

            To modify the Primary Administrator profile, go to Account -> My Profile.  The First Name and Last Name will show up on confirmation emails and receipts to registrants and donors.  Some organizations use "Walk Committee" or similar generic contacts in place of actual first and last names.

            Here you can also change your account username and password.
            Next, go to Account -> Organization Profile.
            Fill in all required fields and verify that the information in each is complete and accurate.

            Please take note of the following:
            • Organization Name,  Address, Support Email and the Tax ID all show up on confirmation emails and receipts to registrants and donors.  Please include the appropriate information for your receipts.
            • Email confirmations and system messages will be sent to the Support Email address as well as addresses entered at Additional E-Mail Notifications. Separate email addresses here with a comma.
            • Website address will be linked to the website banner and when clicked will take the user to the address provided.
            • Click the Update button to save your changes.


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            Updated: 24 Jun 2019 12:39 AM
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