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            Step 4: Adding your Event Location(s)

            You have not set up your Event Location, or you see 'No location has been specified for this event' on your website location page and would like to know why.

            Adding your event location is a simple process. Once added the location will show automatically on your Location page.  Managing your Location page is different than the other website pages and has three different parts to it.  Settings, Editing the page body and managing the placement of the page in your website Menu.

            Adding a Location


            1.  Go to Events -> Locations
            2. Click on the 'Add Location' button and enter the proper location information

            3. Now, select the correct event from the list in Associate Location with Event, and hit the ‘Add’ button. If your website location page reads that no location has been specified, you have not associated the location with the event, as below.


            Editing the page body

            1. Go to Events ->Locations
            2. Click the blue box next to the Name of the Location and click Edit Page
            3. Edit the Location Description as necessary, then click Update to save your changes.
            Note:  From the Settings page, you can also open the page editor by clicking the Edit Page button at the top left of your screen.

            Choosing to enable or disable the Location page and where you want the page to show in your website menu is managed from Website->Pages.   Please click here for more information about managing Website Pages.

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            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 08:27 AM
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