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            Step 5: Configuring Registration Fees

            The Registration Fees function allows your constituents to register as individuals, groups, and to create or join a group or team (when teams are enabled). It supports multiple price registrations for different size groups and registration types with unique expiration dates and quantity control.
            Note: If you have a no cost Pledge or peer-to-peer event, you will not need to enable registration fees. Please see this FAQ for free/no cost registration information.

            In order to configure your site with the Registration Fees feature, follow the steps below.
            1. Go to Events -> Registration Fees
            2. Click on the 'Add Registration Fee'
            3. On the 'Registration Fee Management' screen enter:
            • Name - This is the name of your registration (i.e. Adult, Individual, Group of 2)
            • Description - This field is optional and will appear on the Registration page of your website.
            • Price - This is the cost of your registration.
            • Quantity Available - This field can be used to limit availability for a certain type of registration.
            • Start/End Date - These fields can be left blank when all registrations use the same Start/End Date, as configured under Events->Settings. This feature is useful for special, limited time offers.
            • Display Order - this field determines the order of your registrations on your website. The registration that you want to appear at the top of your registration page should be numbered 1.
            • Active? - This field defaults to 'Yes' but allows administrators to turn off/remove registrations.
            • Registration Unit - Individual fees will allow registrants to register as an individual while group fees allow registrants to either purchase a group, or Create or Join a team. 
                   Note:  If Group is selected the registration fees may still be assessed on a per individual basis.
            • Complete Team Purchase - Select yes here if you want the main registrant to purchase the entire team. Select no if you want users to Create or Join teams. This allows partial team purchases and is the common setting for peer-to-peer events.
            • Individuals per Group - Use this field to limit teams to a specific size.
            • Signup Option - This field only appears when Registration Unit is set to Group and Complete Team Purchase is set to No. In this situation, you may select whether your participants can create and/or join teams. The common setting is to allow both team creation and joining of a team. Some events (especially schools) may have a pre-determined set of groups (ie classrooms) and only allow participants to Join a Team. Creating a Team only is also an option.
            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 05:40 AM
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