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            Step 6: Customizing Website Pages

            You wish to know the basics of setting up the website pages for your event.

            Go to Website -> Pages and review the list of your website pages. Here you can:
            • Customize website pages with your content and images - Simply click on the page name to edit the page.
            • Move pages up or down the menu - Click the blue arrows  to move the page up or down.
            • Add new pages to your website - Select the page from the drop down menu, then click the Add button.
            • Delete any pages that you don't want on your website - Under Action, click the Delete link.
            • Deactivate pages for use at a later time - Under the Enabled column, clicking on Yes or No will toggle the selection.
            • Share pages with other websites managed within your admin area - When you have two or more subscriptions in the same administration area, website pages can be designated as shared throughout all events or unique to each event, this is only for informational pages, like the About Us or Contact Us - not Registration pages.

            Click this link for a complete summary of all website pages.

            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 05:40 AM
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