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            Step 8: Configuring Sponsorships

            Corporate or community sponsors fulfill a critical role in many successful fundraising events. To offset the costs of producing your event and boost your fundraising proceeds, you may consider selling Sponsorships on your website.

            Your website template comes with a few sample sponsorships to get you started.  The sponsorship editor is in two parts, the Settings Editor and the Description Editor.

            To customize existing sponsorships or to add additional Sponsorships to your website, follow these steps.

            Settings Editor

            Go to Sponsors-> Sponsorships in your admin menu.  To Add a new Sponsorship, click on the Add Sponsorship button, or click on the Sponsorship Title to edit the Settings.  Fill in or verify the following fields.
            • Event Name - The Event this Sponsorship is associated with (you may host multiple events).
            • Sponsorship - Enter the name of the sponsorship package, ie Title Sponsor.
            • Package Cost - Enter the cost of the Sponsorship Package: 2500.00 (do not use $ or commas).
            • Total Available - Enter the number of total available packages available for purchase. Leave blank for no limit, or zero to display as SOLD OUT on the website.
            • Groups/Teams Included - Enter the number of complimentary teams included in this sponsorship package.
            • Individuals Included - Or, enter the number of complementary individual registrations to be included in this sponsorship package.
            Note: Use only the "Groups/Teams Included" or "Individuals Included" field. The system does not support using both options.

            Description Editor

            • You can edit the descriptions by going to Sponsors->Sponsorships 
            • Click the name of the sponsorship, then at the top of the Settings page, click Edit
            • You can also get to the edit page by going to Sponsors->Sponsorships, click the blue box under Action, then click Edit.

            Display Settings

            Now, set where you want the Sponsorship packages to be displayed on your public website.
            • Show on Register/Pledge Page - Select Yes if the Sponsorship should appear for purchase on the Event Registration and Personal Fundraising pages (for crowdfunding events).
            • Show on Sponsorships Page - This field defines whether the Sponsorship will be displayed and listed for sale on the Sponsorship Opportunities page.
            • Show on Sponsors Page - This field defines whether any Sponsors who purchase this Sponsorship package will receive promotion on your "Our Sponsors" page.
            • Allow for Multiple Purchases - Select Yes if multiple purchases of this sponsorship are allowed. Select No if only one is available.

            Updated: 20 May 2019 07:59 AM
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