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            Step 9: Configuring Your Pledge Drive or Peer-to-Peer Event

            You wish to know the basics of setting up your Pledge or peer-to-peer event. This step is only applicable to fundraising events where your participants raise money for your organization.

            If you having a Golf tournament or a general registration event, skip this step and go to Step 10.

            Following are explanations of the fields used to configure your Pledge or peer-to-peer event.
            Go to Pledge->Settings and configure the following:
            • Fundraising Goal - Your overall event goal will affect your thermometer and other event level macros. Do not use currency symbols or commas here – just type the amount directly.
            • Participant Goal - Your participants must set a goal at or above the Minimum Participant Goal. This will affect their thermometer on their personal fundraising page. Do not use currency symbols or commas.
            • Pledge Type Accepted - Fixed donations are flat-rate donations and can be made in any amount, as chosen by the donor (ie $10 or $25). Unit of effort pledges are made per mile, pin, lap or other unit as specified by the event administrator. Per unit pledges are calculated based on a participant's estimated units and then charged after the event, based on actual completed units. For this reason, the donation amount can change and is not finalized until after the event. If tracking units are not an important part of your event, we recommend accepting flat-rate donations only, to simplify the donation and tracking process for donors and administrators.
            • Unit of Effort - If you are accepting pledges based on unit of effort, define the unit here. For example, mile (for walk-a-thons) or pin (for bowl-a-thons).
            • Effort Verb - If you are accepting pledges based on unit of effort, define the verb related to the unit here. For example: complete, count, shoot, run, walk, etc.
            • Average Units per Participant - If you are accepting pledges based on unit of effort, define the average number of units the participant is expected to complete. For example, 100 (pins) for bowl-a-thons.
            • Lock Estimated Units - Select yes if you want to lock the estimated units. The participants will not have the ability to change their estimated units.
            • General Donation Link - Select Yes/No if you wish to enable/disable a general donation page for donations & pledges not made to any specific person, but to the organization in general. This option appears on the participant search page, and will read: Not sure who to sponsor? Click here.
            • Minimum Pledge Amount - Enter the minimum pledge or donation amount here, if you wish to include one for your event. Donors will be required to donate in excess of this amount. Do not use currency symbols or commas.
            • Suggested Donation Amounts - Specify up to 5 fixed amounts that donors can select from the donation page. They will also be given the option to enter a different amount. Enter up to 5 values separated by commas 5,10,25,50,100
            • Pledge Label - Customize the wording on your personal fundraising pages. Pledge, Donation, etc.
            • Participation Preference - You can Join as an Individual with no team affiliation, Setup a New Team and automatically become the team captain, or Join a Team that already exists. If you select Join a Team, all of the current team options will appear.
            • Teams Enabled - This text will auto-fill on each of your team personal fundraising pages, and is generally a statement about the organization. Your team can customize the text from their pledge control panel.
            • Team Fundraising Pages Enabled? - Enabled or Disabled the Team fundraising page
            • Allow participants to create teams - If the setting for this field is set to YES, participants will see the "Create a Team" option in their Pledge Control Panel. If set to NO, the option to create a team will not be available and team won’t be created by participants.
            • Pledges Accepted - Yes is the common setting; please select yes when you want to accept pledges and donations. Select no after the event to end donations and figure totals.
            • Address info - Select yes or no to indicate if you wish to show the address data in the donation form.
            • Allow Offline Check/Cash - Please select Yes/No to activate check and cash payment methods for offline donations.
            • Auto Convert Reg To Pledge - Auto convert registrations to donations when participants register.
            • Admin Bcc - Provide one or more comma separated email addresses if you would like to get a blind copy of all emails participants send. This can be used for tracking purposes.

            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 05:41 AM
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