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            Uploading an Image: Step by Step Directions

            You would like to upload an image to one of your web pages and would like to see the step by step process to do so.

            To upload an image, please follow these steps.

            Upload image

            1. Go to Website->Pages
            2. Find the page where you wish to add the image there. Under Actions, click Edit (or click on the Menu Link Name to open the editor).
            3. In the Page Editor, place your cursor at the point you wish to add the image, then click on the Image Icon    

            4. A pop-up window will open. If a window does not open, you may need to configure your browser to allow pop-ups. Click Browse Server. 
            5. A new window will open with the library of images already uploaded.  If you already have your image in the library, skip to Step 6. To upload a new image, click Upload
            6. Browse your Computer and select the image file you want to upload.  Click Open .

            7. Double Click on the Image you wish to add to the page

              Resize Image

            8. If necessary, adjust the width of the image to better fit your page.  Most pages are just over 700px in width, so an image size of 700 wide will fill the screen with some margin on the sides. 

            9. Click OK to insert the image into your page.

            10. Click Update to save your changes.

            Updated: 17 Sep 2019 07:12 AM
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