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            Website Page Versioning - What to do if your web page was incorrectly updated

            Your website page content was lost or updated incorrectly and you wish to revert to a former version of the web page.

            A page versioning feature was added to all pages that are directly editable from Website -> Pages. Each time a web page is saved, a new version is created. If page content is lost or updated incorrectly, administrators can easily revert to an older page version.

            NOTE: The content must have been saved at least once to have been versioned.

            From Website -> Pages - edit the page in question. Just above the editor, you will see a Page Versions button. Click on the button to view previous versions of your web page. Select Preview next to the link that you wish to view. If this is the correct version of your web page, simply hit the Restore button and this old version will override the current version of your web page.

            Updated: 20 Dec 2018 06:51 AM
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