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            WePay Reporting - Gross vs. Net Proceeds

            Your accountant is asking for a report that breaks down the net payments received from WePay into gross donations or transactions, less fees.

            WePay deducts their fees at the time that donations are made. Therefore, there is no monthly billing cycle, and you will receive your net funds after fees. To see reporting on this:
            1. Login to WePay OR find the report your DoJiggy administration area here. If logging into WePay, use the email and password that you used to create the WePay account. (It is not the same as your DoJiggy login.)
            2. Goto Reporting -> Payments and there is a button in the top right to Download CSV. This will generate a report that includes columns for Gross, Net and Fees. You will receive an email when the report has been generated. This generally only takes a few minutes, but it is not instant.
            We have attached a sample transaction report here, for your reference.
            Updated: 17 Jul 2019 02:27 AM
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