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            What are my email management options?

            You would like to learn about email management in our system.

            Your website comes with a built-in email system that allows you to easily email event registrants, sponsors, volunteers, captains, prospects, and more.

            You can access email management from the Email tab. You will notice three options in the Email menu: Lists, Compose, Templates.
            • The Lists option allows you to create new email lists, manage existing lists, compose emails, review emails already sent to existing lists, and more. These email lists are not drawn from the system, but are added or imported by an administrator. Once you have created a new list you can create a spreadsheet to import by using the template supplied. Click on the List name, then click Import, then click the Microsoft Excel Template button.
            • Choose Compose to send an email to a specific group of users, such as registrants, sponsors, team captains, volunteers, donors, etc. These lists are pulled from reports in your admin area and updated in real time as registrations and donations take place on your live website.
            • Templates allows you to customize the auto-generated emails sent out by the system. Review this article for more information.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:56 AM
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