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            What are the advantages and implications of managing multiple events from one administration area?

            You are considering managing multiple events from one administration area, and would like to know the advantages and implications. 

            When considering managing multiple events from one administration area, please consider the following:
            1. All events must use the same payment processor. All event funds raised will be deposited into the same account. This information is managed once at Tools -> Payment Settings.
            2. Each event will have its own URL, but share the hostname. This is accomplished by a unique sub-hostname. Subhosts resolve at and NOT The www designation will not work for these events.
            3. The primary administrative log-in will be the same for all subscriptions, although additional log-ins and limited access can be granted.
            4. Website pages can be designated as shared throughout all events or unique to each event.
            5. All settings and functions found under Tools -> Global Settings and Account -> Organization Profile will apply to all events. Order notes can also be managed from Website -> Settings, for event level settings.
            6. Events can be easily cloned.
            7. You can purchase the unlimited subscriptions package and host any number of annual events.

            See also this FAQ on managing multiple subscriptions.

            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 01:07 AM
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