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            What if I already have a WePay account with another service?

            Your organization already uses WePay for processing payments, outside of the DoJiggy system. Can you use the same WePay account with DoJiggy Payments?

            WePay accounts are tied to an online platform. Therefore, you will still need to sign-up with us to process payments with WePay.

            When you sign up for a WePay account though your DoJiggy Dashboard, WePay will create an account under the email address that you supply. All WePay accounts are tied to a specific email address, and that specific email address can only be used for one WePay account.

            If you already have an existing WePay account and you want to link your DoJiggy Payments account with it, then sign up for DoJiggy Payments using the same email address currently associated with your existing WePay account.

            However, it is not possible to have two DoJiggy Payments accounts using the same email address.  Each DoJiggy Payments account must have a unique email address.

            If you want to keep the existing WePay account active and separate from the DoJiggy Payments account, then you would need to just use an alternate email address for the new account.

            Updated: 28 Dec 2018 03:44 AM
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