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            What is the meaning of the Confirmed link at People ->Participants?

            You would like to know if your additional invited participants have confirmed their registrations or you have seen the 'Confirmed' column at People -> Participants and are wondering what this means.

            Additional team or group participants are those registered via a group registration where the entire group is paid for with one order. This is the common registration type for golf tournament foursomes and fundraising gala tables. Often the captain or primary registrant does not know everyone who will be on his or her team, but wants to purchase the group to be part of your event (or a group is included with sponsorship registration). Therefore, we have created a setting at Events -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Send Invitation Emails. When enabled, the setting will send out a Welcome email to all additional invited participants upon registration. If an email is not known, the primary registrant (team captain) can include their own email and forward the email to their invited participants when they become known.

            For those events that have this setting enabled only, there is a 'Confirmed' column at People -> Participants. Participants that have clicked on the email and completed their details (including name for TBD registrations, address, phone and information needed for your database), their Confirmed status will be yes. For those that have not confirmed their registration and completed information via the email link, the Confirmed status is no. Next to those with a no status, a 'Resend Email' link appears. You may click on this link to resend the email to your captains or participants, asking them to complete their registration details.

            This feature does not refer to Pledge participants that register as part of a team and pay for their own registration.
            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:42 AM
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