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            What is your tech support policy?

            You would like to know what our technical support policies are.

            Unlimited technical Support is included with your subscription services, via support request and online chat. Emergency and phone support is included on a paid basis.

            Support Requests

            If you are a current client and need technical support, you must submit a detailed support request for support service. Please click on Help -> Support from the Administration area.

            If for any reason you cannot log-into your account, you may also submit a support request by emailing:

            This system allows us to provide the best support and customer service to all of our users, and insures that your request is handled as quickly as possible. It is also important for security reasons that we have a case on file for any support related issues.

            We will get back to you with a solution within 2-4 hours during working hours, Monday through Friday.

            Chat Support

            Online chat is available on our public website for basic questions. Basic chat is limited to 15 minutes, per instance. Please be advised that if you chat with technical support, we may still need you to submit a support request if we need to research a solution to your query or log into your account.

            24/7 Support

            Emergency support is available on a paid basis. This should be used outside of office hours, during your events, etc. For emergency 24/7 support, please call (888) 436-1999, 900.

            Phone Support

            Phone support is available on a paid basis only.  Read more on phone consultation here. Please order the consultation with the Sales department and they will coordinate a meeting time.

            Updated: 07 Aug 2019 05:12 AM
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