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            Why are my constituents and/or I not receiving email confirmations?

            You or your donors or participants are not receiving system emails regarding orders and donations, or you/they seem to get email confirmations intermittently.

            We understand that not getting email confirmations can be frustrating. However, it is not normally due to any service problem. We actively test our servers hourly for successful email delivery to remote servers. 

            Due to the nature of emails - spam blockers, junk folders, email blacklists, plus the possibility of server issues on remote servers (meaning not our mail server, but receiving servers along the way) - occasionally you will not receive an email confirmation, even though we have sent one. There is virtually no way to track or troubleshoot this condition, since it can be very intermittent and hard to reproduce, and in most every case, it is an issue out of our control. 

            Try these suggestions for possible reasons and solutions for email delivery problems:
            1. Make sure you've set up the primary Support Email where you wish to receive confirmations in the Account-> Organization Profile (in the upper right-hand corner).
            2. Also, add a different Additional E-Mail Notifications in the same area, Account -> Organization Profile. You will receive email confirmations at this address as well.
            3. Try a test order to confirm you are getting emails. Many times a test will go through fine, which indicates that there are no system or setup issues, and that the email is working fine for you.
            4. Confirm that you have received email confirmations in the past. If you have been receiving these before, then we know the system is sending email, and you have received them successfully. This usually means that the system is functioning normally.
            5. Check with your mail administrator to make sure our email is not being blocked.
            6. Check your spam folder; be sure that you allow email from
            7. Please login to your admin area and view Reports -> Orders often to be sure that you are aware of all orders on your system. This is a much more reliable source than email confirmations.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: For PayPal users, only complete orders will receive order notification. For instance, orders marked as "PayPal Pending" or "User Left Site" will not receive notifications. Only when the payment is completed by the donor/user in PayPal, will the recipients receive the email confirmation.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:58 AM
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