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            Why are some donations/pledges shown as Incomplete?

            Viewing your Orders Report, you see that some (or all) donations/orders are marked as Incomplete. When the payment status shows as Incomplete, you need to know why this happens.

            There are several conditions that make a donation display as Incomplete: 
            1. There is no payment processor setup in Tools - > Payment Settings. In this case, you will need to process all payments manually. Please note that this is not a recommended solution.
            2. The pledge/donation was made per Units of Effort - all these orders are charged after the event when the actual units are verified by an administrator, and are therefore marked as Incomplete.
            3. The donor selected to pay by Check or Cash. All Cash and check donations are automatically set to Incomplete. This way the administrator can keep track of those payments as they are received, marking the order as complete.
            If you want to charge the Incomplete orders now, please follow the instructions included here.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 05:16 AM
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