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            Why does my website registration page read that event capacity has been reached?

            When people try to register for your event, the registration page displays a message that the event has reached capacity and is closed. You don't understand why this is happening since you believe that you still have registration spaces available.

            When you receive this message, the system has stopped taking registrations because it is reserving spaces for potential team members to join.  When someone registers a team/group, they may not provide all the participant/player names, and have some participants that will be added later. The system will reserve all team spaces and includes those in the count of total participants.

            Additionally, when you issue a promotion code with a defined number of reserved spaces, the system takes that promo code as a reservation, and includes it in the total player count.

            To open registration, you can either:

            • Increase or remove completely your Event Capacity figure. From your Events -> Settings, Advanced Settings, modify (or leave blank) the 'Event Capacity' field. This is the quickest way to open your registration! Please do this immediately if you wish to open your closed registration page.
            • Delete or combine extra groups/teams as needed.

            Updated: 14 Dec 2018 01:56 AM
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