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            Why is my website content not updating?

            When working in the administration area, you notice that changes are not showing up on your public website even after you checked that your content is saved.  Perhaps you have uploaded a new or resized image, and do not see it on the website.

            The reason why this can happen is because your browser caching system is working; it is caching site content to allow your site to run faster. This is usually a good thing. But when working in admin, it can hide the changes you are making to your site. Most of the time this can be easily corrected doing a page reload, by purging the browser cache.

            Reload the Page
            On Windows press Ctrl+F5, (Hold the Ctrl key, then press the F5 key, 
            press ⌘ Cmd+⇧ Shift+R. for Mac) on the page where you expected to see changes. Ctrl+F5 forces a cache refresh, and will guarantee that if the content has been changed, you will see the new content.

            Clear the Cache
            In some cases, this still may not work. In this case, please clear your browser cache by reviewing the required steps for your browser in the linked article here.

            Updated: 22 Mar 2019 05:15 AM
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