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            Why isn’t my DoJiggy Payments balance fully available?

            You would like to know why your DoJiggy Payments balance isn't available.

            There are a few different reasons why your account balance isn’t fully available for withdrawal:
            • One or more payments haven’t fully processed: Pending payments are payments that are subject to minor delays from reviews. It can take up to two business days for us to review a pending payment. Payments are reviewed to protect you and your customers from any malicious activity to ensure the payments are compliant with the WePay Terms of Service.
            • There are reserves on your account: Reserves are sometimes held to protect your business against chargebacks or disputes. We set your reserves based on the transaction history in your account as well as the information you provide in your profile, your industry and how you’re using DoJiggy Payments.

            Check back in a day or two, to see if the issue has been resolved and your payments are available.

            Updated: 28 Dec 2018 04:29 AM
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